Negotiation and Litigation Legal Panel Discussion

In early September, Attorney Douglas Schreiber of Hymes, Schreiber & Walden participated in a legal panel discussion put on by ProVisors regarding Negotiation and Litigation.

The seminar was held as a series of questions thrown out to the legal panel and consisted of discussion on the difference between mediation and arbitration:

Question: Is arbitration, once thought to be a panacea, really better or less expensive than litigation in court?

Answer:  Not really-retired judges who serve as arbitrators charge upwards of $10,000 per day, and there are associated administrative costs on top of that. Also, in a typical arbitration, you give up a lot of rights, such as the right to appeal. That means that should an arbitrator make a ruling that is legally wrong, you have no right to challenge that ruling. 

Topics that were also discussed included negotiating strategies in mediation.

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Knowing Your Bottom Line in a Negotiation

Event: ProVisors Panel on Negotiation
Venue: Calabasas Country Club
Location: Calabasas, Los Angeles, Ca
Speaker: Attorney Douglas Schreiber of Anker, Hymes & Schreiber, LLP


You need to know your bottom line.  Nowadays everybody has their heads full of all kinds of acronyms, so I am going to throw one out there: (more…)

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