Farmers Insurance Agent Presentation


Attorney Douglas Schreiber is a highly respected legal professional with extensive experience in the formation of business entities, such as corporations and limited liability companies and the operational and other issues they encounter.  He is a partner at Hymes, Schreiber and Walden, LLP, a prominent law firm located in Los Angeles, California. Attorney Schreiber also has a wealth of experience in dealing with complex business litigation and business entity operational and contractual issues.  His expertise is highly sought after by clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations.

Recently, Attorney Schreiber was invited to speak to a group of Farmers Insurance agents from District 44 about the various forms of business entities and the importance and benefits achieved by operating one’s business in a corporate or limited liability format. During his presentation, he shared valuable insights and practical advice on why one might choose to operate in a corporate or limited liability company format as opposed to a sole proprietorship.


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