Avoiding Pitfalls with Home Remodeling Contractors (Part 2)

The content below is a transcript from the home remodeling panel discussion at the Motion Picture and Television Relief Fund’s conference Deal With It: A Women’s Conference, held in Los Angeles, Ca on August 5, 2018:

If you are having some work done by a contractor in your house and something goes missing, what do you suggest a homeowner do?

I’m not sure if there is really a good answer to that question because unless you have proof, then it would be difficult to accuse anyone. Nowadays everyone has a video camera in their house, so it’s possible that you may have proof. But in the absence of evidence, you will find yourself in a “He Said/She Said” situation and you are kind of stuck with that.

Hopefully you have insurance coverage, which can help you recover the value lost from the missing item. But if you start to develop trust issues during your home remodel, then maybe it is time to decide whether to terminate the contract. This is one of the reasons why you want a termination provision in your home remodel contract.

Stay tuned for more from the panel discussion and if you have any specific questions regarding your home remodel contract, you can learn more about our Real Estate Attorney in Los Angeles.

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