Business Disputes and Succession Planning

Event: ProVisors Panel on Negotiation
Venue: Calabasas Country Club
Location: Calabasas, Los Angeles, Ca
Speaker: Attorney Douglas Schreiber of Anker, Hymes & Schreiber, LLP


I come into the negotiation process typically in a slightly different situation. Mark is looking to build a relationship. By the time I usually get involved, I’m looking to get rid of a relationship, quite honestly:

  • The relationship has already been destroyed
  • There is a lawsuit
  • There are partners who do not get along
  • They want to separate themselves for good

My approach is not necessarily as much a focus on what the needs are of the other side (although that is certainly important), but it’s more on what can I get for my people that we need, that will then enable the people to part in some fashion and end the relationship.

So I’m not looking to necessarily get the other side everything that they want. That is not my focus. We have to find a middle ground that will balance with everyone.

Art of Negotiation Blog Series:


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